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michael sime

animation/cg art

reel breakdown

at 4 seconds -

worked on this clash royale spot at psyop, animated all of the characters except for the crowd cycles and crawling skeleton cycles

at 9 seconds -

animated the octopus mushroom and butterfly for a dolby spot at imaginary forces

at 17 seconds -

took a selfie and animated for a cricket spot at psyop

at 22 seconds -

played with all the legos on screen at brand new school for the game lego dimensions

at 25 seconds -

all animation done for the robot arms and robot razor at psyop for schick hydro razors

at 31 seconds -

worked on this web series at hifi3d, animated the spider

at 37 seconds -

animated the mr. peanut at vaynermedia for planters

at 43 seconds -

rigged and animated the man and props at hifi3d for sony's virtual reality headset's instructional video

at 52 seconds -

animated all the critters for this painterly chumash casino spot at hifi3d

at 60 seconds -

animated the foreground elements for this brawl stars crossover spot at psyop

at 65 seconds -

animated the foreground elements for this clash royale spot at psyop

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